Nexus was founded in 1997 with a simple, exciting vision. Put the best possible team together. Deliver signature projects for the best possible clients. Make it lean and agile. Make it competitive. Make it fun. Create and deploy successful integrated communications programs that propel our client’s business forward while putting PEOPLE first. By operating an agile, talent-driven organization Nexus has achieved a unique ‘win/win’ for client and agency alike. Our agency has experienced year-over-year double digit growth for nearly 20 years and that’s the strongest testament to our team, and our work, that we could ever ask for.



  • Integration: Because of our deep experience in talent communications across all HR COEs, we deliver unparalleled integration to our clients.
  • Multi-lingual, Multi-banner: the more complex the engagement, the more we deliver. Our sweet spot is large multi-brand, multi-lingual global programs.
  • Lower costs: We run an agile operation that values results and finds opportunities to deliver superior ROI.
  • Better, faster deliverables: We work at the speed of our clients with a shared sense of urgency to deliver.
  • Global reach: We’ve executed signature projects for category leaders around the Globe.
  • More Happy: Yes, we said it. We want you to be happier with the work, and the relationship.


  • Better projects: Global work that has purpose, profile, and potential.
  • A better employer: We’re committed to running a growth-oriented, talent-driven learning organization.
  • Lower staff turnover: We work as a team, with our core management team now together for >19 years.
  • More happy: We want us to be happier with the work and relationship too.

What we do


We’ve got leading-edge video production right in-house. 2D & 3D Animators, Illustrators, Compositors, Directors, Stedi-Cam operators, Drone operators, On-location Green-Screen, Writers, Directors, Interviewers, Producers, Broadcast & Film level DPs, and more. The only items we outsource are the ‘casted’ video elements of actors, narrators, musicians, audio engineers and make-up artists.


Any format. Any application. Any audience. You name it, we can make it happen.


Advertisements, brochures, media kits, signage, fleet graphics, trade shows, brand support and stationary. Elemental services wherever required. Writing, photography, illustration, print and production management.


From end-to-end identity programs, to quick turnaround logos. We’ve done it in every segment. Logos: from the ground up, or a visual refresh of a tired identity. Taglines: capture your corporate essence and ‘brand promise’ in just a few words. Applications: Stationery, premiums, feel graphics and signage specifications.


Nexus has provided business innovation and strategic support for many of Canada’s largest organizations.  Working hands-on with executive and management teams right on down to multidisciplinary teams, these assignments are about nothing less than the future. We’ve acted as external sounding boards, strategists and editors for the Canadian Tourism Commission. We’ve taken a leadership role in orchestrating project Reimagination for The Globe and Mail – a project that involved 25% of the company, working to shape the future of the publication at large. We’ve provided hands-on support in reshaping Campbell Foodservice. Come to us with your business objectives and we will provide an innovative hands-on framework for success that cuts through the ‘consultative clutter’ to deliver measurable results.


We are presently looking for designers, multimedia experts and coders, copywriters, translators, videographers and editors, sales and account managers.

Experience and references are a must. Contact lneaga@nexuscommunications.com with your resume.