Integrated campaigns don’t just involve media. They involve people. We take a different view of campaign execution that places a deeper and more appropriate investment on internal activation, bolstered by powerful external innovation and promotion. Our sweet spot is campaigns that have a cascade requirement such as employee activation (B2E2C) or partner activation requirement (B2B2C). [more…]

Channel marketing activation is all about communication. From engaging partner senior leaders through powerful presentations and compelling video, to engaging partner employees to bring your program top of mind with winning execution – Nexus can help ensure your next program is well packaged for success and results. [more…]

Your amazing promotion campaign or merchandising launch is only as strong as its execution. Our focus is getting field team and employee implementation to the forefront. We’ve helped many of North America’s leading brands bring their programs to life. We’ve also helped many leading merchandising production suppliers elevate their relationships with their clients, and many world class retailers improve their PK and field execution focusing upon employees. We have a unique 360° view to best implement programs across the value chain. [more…]

Nexus is often engaged at the ‘ground floor’ on new product launches well before their field execution. We will help with internal presentations, concept animations, planning and toolkit development, right on through to activation with field forces (in the case of sales driven B2B), toolkits and promotion (in the case of partner activated B2B2C programs), and campaign development (in the case of B2C programs). The larger the communication requirement for the launch, the more we can help ensure success. [more…]

Are you looking to engage your consumer with impactful content marketing? We can bring your strategy to life through video, animation, social content and drip campaigns, microsite development, UGC, print awareness and more. We are experts with campaigns that involve bringing employee thought leaders / SMEs / experts to the forefront with your consumers, channel partners or both. [more…]

Whether you’re seeking to deliver powerful stakeholder communications to celebrate successes of your sustainability and CSR initiatives, or to solicit increased awareness, participation and engagement with your cause – We’ve helped many of North America’s most respected brands activate their platforms. If you have an existing partner or provider (PR, MR, etc.) and are looking to take your program to the next level – consider adding us to your team. We play well in the sandbox. [more…]