When looking to develop new, or seeking a partner to help activate your existing employee brand at a deeper level – Nexus can help, both internally and externally. We execute across the entire talent lifecycle in a truly integrated way. There’s no better partner to implement your employer brand. [more…]

Whether you’re seeking to launch an integrated talent acquisition platform across multiple lines of business, or have a targeted high-needstate campaign to get into market ASAP – We have the scale and agility required to implement and deliver with measurable results. [more…]

How do you attract top talent? How do you cut through the clutter, noise, and a sea of employers with similar value propositions? Recruiting materials are only valuable when your audience wants to consume them. Working with your campus field recruiting teams, Nexus focuses on recruitment that is authentic, true to life, and engaging. [more…]

The first 90 days define the employee and customer experience. It’s a critical time to achieve cultural alignment, engagement with the businesses winning behaviours and bring positive momentum of an enthusiastic new hire to bear. Orientation is a powerful vehicle to achieve year-over-year cultural and behavioural shifts via attrition at all levels in the organization. [more…]

Company culture is arguably your business’s most important intangible asset. Defining it is one thing; Engaging your employees to live it is entirely another. It takes an integrated view to operationalize company culture across the entire employee experience – from talent acquisition and orientation, to careers and performance, to learning and program execution. We go where other agencies don’t to ensure every communication opportunity is maximized. We help define and launch values platforms using this same model. It’s all about connecting your people… with purpose. [more…]

Career Development & Performance Management; quite possibly some of the more challenging programs to both articulate and secure employee engagement. Our support will help ‘connect the dots’ and secure experiential program alignment between Careers & Performance for both employees and their managers. We work with your program managers directly, at a strategic and tactical level to make career paths, competencies, performance expectations at level, and the manager interaction more streamlined and accessible for everyone involved. [more…]

For nearly two decades Nexus has been pushing the boundaries beyond traditional learning design. We’ve developed innovative learning platforms for virtually every kind of program – new product launches, product knowledge, medical, regulatory and compliance, leadership, program execution, and more. Stuffy learning design and formal programs drive your audience and your desired outcomes away. Our innovative approach to content development is all about engagement and recall. [more…]

Performance points, reward mechanics and gift cards? We are not in that business. We connect the dots at all levels of your engagement program; from peer-to-peer, manager-employee, department and line of business, and beyond. Create messaging that directly links your recognition programs with behaviours your organization values most, or restore existing programs with fresh creative and collateral. We work with your program designers, program owners, and 3rd party providers to tie everything together. [more…]

We are not an event planning agency – many of our clients have internal or preferred suppliers for this service. We excel at bringing your events to life in support of or in conjunction with these suppliers through powerful branding, stimulating video, unified presentation content, training workshop design and creative, and much more. Leave event planning to the experts and memorable engagement to us. It’s all about using the power of live events to connect your people with purpose. [more…]

We work directly with program owners, plan design consultants, and 3rd party administrators to streamline communications and maximize employee participation & engagement. If you’re moving from DB to DC and need to manage the change, rebooting all or part of your benefits plan, or making modifications to executive comp, LTIP, STIP or company savings plans – We have the relevant experience to ensure you deliver powerful and engaging employee communications. [more…]

Diversity makes us stronger. Nexus can help to communicate with talent teams regarding biases, or make existing communications more accessible and compliant with new regulations. Maximize internal awareness, understanding, and adoption of diversity and inclusion policies or programs. [more…]

Change is everywhere. Every program we execute has a change management component. That being said, sometimes our programs directly originate from change management teams who own or co-own the communication with internal communications and program champions. [more…]

Your technology changed. Your consumer changed. Your business environment changed. Now your office is about to change as well. We’ve supported the agile office and office move of many of North America’s largest employers by developing powerful programs that cascade across the organization (change agents & champions, affected groups, people leaders, coordinators, department & individual communications). Working with your agile teams and external consultants, we have the expertise to deliver effective and engaging communications. [more…]