We are the North American leader in talent communications… and more.

Right now, in your business, you may have someone who has “lost the plot” – the reasons differ from person to person, but the outcome is the same: they don’t understand how their contribution makes any difference to the success of the business, nor do they believe you care.  A single employee like this is a problem, but many people who feel similarly creates the kind of cultural entropy that can stall business growth, or worse.

For more than two decades, Nexus has been helping leading employers sidestep this challenge by connecting their people with purpose. By combining our deep marketing experience with our unique understanding of what Talent and HR teams need, we are transforming cultures through innovative communications and strategies. The result is superior outcomes that inspire employees and drives businesses forward.

 To achieve this, we’ve brought together a world-class, multi-disciplinary group.  Our team members are not just advanced specialists in their particular field (be it strategy, production, or marketing), they are also experts in talent and HR communications who happen to be passionate about making cultures better.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your talent attraction programs, articulate a new employee value proposition, or share your employer brand with the world –  you’re going to want a partner who knows this space inside out, who understands your needs intuitively, and is thinking not just about “best practices” but “next practices.” We can be that partner for you.


Strategy, Content, Learning, Social, Media, Design, Web, Video & Podcast, Discovery.

Nexus at a Glance


When we looked across the cluttered landscape of marketing agencies, brand agencies, PR, and learning companies out there, we saw both a big gap and a big opportunity – working directly with HR and internal communications teams. We made the conscious choice to reach out to this under-serviced market to help large enterprises engage, develop, and align large global workforces with a sense of deep purpose.

We’ve been doing it since 1997,  and in that time we’ve grown to become a market leader in delivering truly integrated approaches that revolutionize the employee experience.


Do you wish you were helping to solve complex business problems? Making an impact on people’s lives? Having fun in your 9-5? Us too!

Connecting People With Purpose – we believe that business and humanity thrive when they are connected. When companies make a positive impact on the lives of all of their stakeholders, starting with their people, it has the opportunity to radiate through society at large. Everybody has a purpose. The key is to find it. We’ve found ours. We help our clients and everyone they touch find theirs.

We are propelled by partnering with our own people, fueling their growth, so they can inspire our clients to define and create best-in-class work experiences for their very own talent. It’s our way of connecting. Our nexus. If you are aligned to our winning ways, interested in being a part of our movement, a North American leader in talent communications, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our current openings and let us know what interests you about talent communications and Nexus.