Producer/Copywriter – Toronto, ON

It says “producer/copywriter” in the title of this job description, but that’s not entirely accurate.   Being able to write or produce a piece of content may get you past our bouncer for an interview, but it’s only halfway to what we need.   What we’re really looking for is nothing short of a unicorn – if you want this job and to excel at it then you’ll need that combination of competence, experience, resilience, lateral thinking and good humour that’s found in exceedingly few people.  If you have it (and we can see that you have it) then you will apply your otherworldly talents to what is arguably the most noble communications gig in the industry, in a fascinating and rapidly growing new field.   This is a rare chance to be an early adopter and make a true difference.

The official party line is that we’re a merry band of “creatives and strategists who help clients bring large-scale employee-facing programs to life through powerful communications.” What we really do is nothing short of help people find Purpose in their work.  Think about it: you’ll spend more time at work than with your loved ones.   If you’re going to make that kind of sacrifice then it should mean something, right?  We think so, which is why we help working people discover some measure of meaning, and in so doing we find a little meaning of our own.  If you want to change the world (or, more to the point, change WORLDS) then this is the place to do that.

How, you ask? Well, think about all the ways companies reach out and talk to their employees, from the moment someone decides they want to work someplace to the things they hear when they get hired, what they’re told about the company culture, its values, its benefits, its training programs…even its retirement packages. All those interactions form what we call the “employee experience” and our job is to make that experience…well, suck less.    The ideal candidate can see themselves as an employee in one of our client’s companies and ask “how do I make this suck less for me and my co-workers?”  That same person will also demonstrate the willingness to push themselves and make things better with innovative & disruptive work + tactics.

This is what the job looks like:

  • Facilitate / help facilitate briefing/input/discovery meetings and then be responsible for originating creative written concepts that support the client brief.
  • Work with clients to develop internal communication strategies to activate HR programs across large enterprises targeting key stakeholder groups: executives, people leaders, individual contributors.
  • Help clients translate disparate inputs (presentations, documents, facilitated workshop sessions, telephone interviews etc) into consolidated communications materials that drive impact and results in multiple formats: Web, video, podcasts, presentation, interactive learning, PDF, creative executions (poster/digital ads etc).
  • Work in concert with creative/production teams to translate creative materials into on-brand executions.
  • Present work in progress outlines, drafts, and materials, secure client feedback and action feedback with associated teams/collaborators.
  • Collaborate with project managers & account managers to ensure that the client’s vision is being realized in the timeline to which the agency has committed.

This is what you’ll get:

  • GREAT PROJECTS: Global work that has purpose, profile, and potential.
  • GREAT OPPORTUNITIES: We’re committed to running a growth-oriented, talent-driven learning organization.
  • GREAT CO-WORKERS: We work as a cohesive unit (we’re tighter than those doughboys in “Band of Brothers”) and we are serious activators.

This is what we need from our unicorn:

  • An education in English, Journalism or Marketing would be nice (Experience in HR communications would be amazing).
  • MINIMUM 5 years of proven experience as a copywriter and producer (in radio, television, podcasting, advertising, or branded content/content marketing) is required (to paraphrase TLC…we don’t want no scrubs. They won’t get no love from us).
  • Experience in HR, Creative Agency, Internal Communications (client side) and proven experience with business to business campaigns (If you had experience in all four, you would be the “Unicorn of Unicorns”).
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills, as well as creativity and a collaborative spirit.
  • Outstanding producing and scripting skills, and more than a passing understanding of how to manage video shoots.
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills.
  • Very strong research skills and experience.
  • Able to take large amounts of materials and information and synthesize it into coherent, concise messaging.
  • The ability to work independently and hit your deadlines as committed.
  • Supernatural resiliency (in other words…the ability to thrive and excel in high stress environments, and if you’re having a bad day to have the grace not to take it out on others).
  • A phenomenal sense of humour
  • Sample portfolio of existing copywriting, productions (audio AND video) & integrated communications programs (FYI we take this one seriously – not only do we need proof you can “swim”, we will also put you through a writing test. We may be a growing agency with an exciting client list, but we’re also small and agile enough that a person who ends up being “all hat and no cattle” will get noticed and voted off the island pretty quickly).

So…do you think you’re our unicorn?  If so, then hit that button down there that says “Apply” and let’s see what happens, shall we?

Head Office