Career development and performance management are quite possibly some of the more challenging programs to articulate and secure employee engagement. Our support will help connect the dots and secure experiential program alignment between careers, performance and learning for people at all levels in your organization. We work with program managers directly, at a strategic and tactical level, to make impactful career development and performance management programs that resonate.

Strive for excellence with an action-oriented mindset
Nexus is proud to have been the partner of choice for the global roll-out of LIFT performance enablement for RBC. The program included multiple communications including interactive e-learns, adoption campaigns, toolkits, videos and more to help ensure that the program achieved the traction that RBC was looking for. The program was accompanied by a simultaneous launch of always learning and growth mindset communications, also produced by Nexus.
How do you promote enterprise career development and employee mobility across an enterprise that is separated into two holding companies, each with a different headquarters, multiple operating businesses, multiple plants, divisions and operating units? How to you link this program to performance management, and career development? The answer? MY NEXT STEP – an integrated careers and mobility program developed in concert with client by Nexus, and CHECK-IN performance management, a standardized enterprise roll-out of performance management.
How do you engage the next generation of talent? How do you empower people leaders to create exceptional experiences for early in career youth? How do you align the global efforts of HR focused upon early in career youth across the enterprise? The answer? Nexus developed a multiple-pronged communication program for various target audiences: early in career youth, their leaders and HR program managers. The program included interactive learning, career development assets and workbooks, career planning tools, thought leadership presentations, a global tool kit and more.