Employer branding is the perception that your stakeholders, namely employees, have about your place of work. It’s made up of a collection of experiences over time. Your behaviours, communications and values help shape this perception, either positively or negatively. Over the past few years, employers have realized the value of shaping their employer brand through defining an employee value proposition and supporting themes or reasons to believe along with a consistent visual identity. Nexus can help craft your branding strategy or activate on an existing platform.

Examples of how we elevate Employer Branding
Walmart is in a unique time in its organizational story – from challenger brand, to leader, to challenger brand. Nexus has worked with the senior people leadership team to re-establish and redefine the Walmart narrative to be more disruptive, emotionally connected, authentic and accessible than ever before. The new Walmart employer brand – This is That Place™ – exists across all aspects of the Walmart Canada people experience.
How do you create a more connected employer brand? One that’s grounded within the deep roots of the company and the customer value proposition. One that hits all of the right notes of pride, purpose, values and heritage. Nexus helped launch the new employer brand for Cavendish Agri Services across all channels with great results.  
Shoppers Drug Mart, one of Canada’s best loved and most renowned retail pharmacy brands, was seeking a partner to deliver a fully integrated employer brand across all lines of business and channels. Inspired from deep research, contextual interviews and collaboration with the senior leadership team, the employer brand connects the dots between the business (where people work), the customer value proposition (leadership in health, beauty, convenience) and the organizations higher purpose caring for those around us“. 
MyShoppers Infographic - Employer Branding