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Sobeys Employer Brand and EVP

The ongoing shifts in the retail landscape has placed talent at the epicentre of, and a primary driver for, organizational success. Sobeys’ Employer Branding initiative aligned the organization behind an integrated series of Corporate Value Pillars, a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and unified Employer Brand (EB) ecosystem to help both in attracting new talent as well as engaging existing team members across the multi-banner organization across Canada.

Nexus was engaged to develop the entire range of program materials including the EVP platform and a comprehensive series of integrated assets to illustrate their corporate values. Nexus was tasked with re-launching the brand in time for Sobeys’ annual fall recruitment campaign, which made for an ambitious development and launch timeframe.

Through these solutions, Sobeys has been able to successfully deploy their EVP and Employer Brand for use across a wide range of highly effective talent initiatives for all banners, job families and locations.

Sobeys Employer Brand and EVP work samples
Sobeys Employer Brand and EVP work samples


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