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Talent Attraction

A vital part of your overall Talent Attraction strategy is Attracting candidates to engage with your organization. How do you pique interest, get best fit candidates to invest their time and attention to consume your job content, and motivate them to apply?

It starts with creating informative and compelling, sometimes disruptive recruitment marketing content, including job postings, social ads, website information and other digital assets, and delivering these to your audience through the right blend of targeted owned, paid and earned media approaches.

Done right, your message AND media come together to create high levels of engagement with your employer brand and job postings, driving quality applications across your business lines, job categories and geographies.

Let Nexus craft your talent attraction materials and media approaches for your next successful talent campaign.



Let’s connect your people with purpose

Purpose and values-driven organizations, organizations that have a shared collective ambition – they all consistently outperform those who aren’t motivated by something higher. If you’re ready for a strategically executed culture transformation, then Nexus is here to help.