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AccorHotels (Accor) is a global leader in hospitality – operating in 100 countries with a 20-brand portfolio that includes Fairmont, Raffles, and Swissotel among others. As a hospitality organization, Accor is constantly seeking ways to create memorable customer experiences. For Accor’s frontline workforce, learning and development is a critical resource to help bring these experiences to life.

Nexus has served as a one of Accor’s key learning and development partners, helping to create multiple programs and scale them across brands and geo-regions. At the core of this partnership is Service Promise – a standardized engagement and experience model Nexus developed for Fairmont Raffles and Swissotel brands – later adapted and scaled to 20 brands. Taking a unique user-centered approach, Nexus used a mix of guest stories, a new engagement model, and thought leadership to develop a core competency model and learning journey for the global launch. Employee input was also used to develop a comprehensive suite of learning products and leader-led rollout campaign that included eLearning modules, video series, internal launch events, workshops, stand-up, sustain materials, and more.

In the years since the launch of Service Promise, Nexus has helped to expand and integrate service-driven mindsets across a variety of other learning initiatives. These include broad topics such as leadership – where Nexus adapted the scale and rollout of Service Promise for people leader audiences – as well as specialized topics such as revenue management, customer loyalty, brand immersion, and change management.

Through Service Promise, Leadership Promise, and other initiatives, Accor has been able to develop a culture of proactive and meaningful hospitality – resulting in a 3% increase in global engagement, a #1 JD Power Ranking, and a #1 Global Service Culture for several of its brands.

Accor Hotels Service Culture Promise
Fairmont Service Culture orientation guide
AccorHotels Service Promise Fundamentals Guide
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