How can you take your total rewards communications and bring them to the point where they excite, engage and drive action? We work directly with program owners, plan design consultants and 3rd party administrators to streamline communications and maximize understanding and adoption for your plan design. If you’re moving from DB to DC and need to manage the change, rebooting all or part of your benefits plan, or making modifications to executive compensation, LTIP, STIP or company savings plans, and ESPP – we have the relevant experience to ensure you deliver powerful and engaging employee communications that take what the benefits consultants, the underwriters and administrators provide to the next level.

How do you drive increased adoption and participation in a large financial institution’s employee share purchase plan? Especially with new cohorts of employees, and early in career youth? Nexus worked with CIBC’s total rewards and communications teams to shrink wrap plan communications with impactful video, landing pages, infographics and session materials to drive awareness and adoption resulting in a significant and measurable lift in company-wide participation.
Part of a much larger integrated EVP, employer brand, culture and values strategy, also activated by Nexus, Walmart Total Rewards communications have been reimagined to be more spontaneous, welcoming, disruptive and impactful. The end result is a vibrant fresh new look for the program as a whole, with significantly enhanced awareness, adoption and clear linkages with all other programs.
Canadian Tire was looking for a partner to activate a new total rewards portfolio for their workforce. Nexus helped articulate the employment experience, activate strategic priorities and higher purpose, linking them all directly to the CT Total Rewards program. Program communications focused upon program awareness (STIP, LTIP, Savings Plan) as well as financial literacy for both store and corporate associates, maximizing understanding and utilization. The end result? A substantial increase in program understanding and participation metrics company-wide.
How do you launch a new and evolved benefits plan across multiple operating companies, each with multiple sites, multiple CBAs and multiple sub groups? How do you promote awareness and adoption of key plan design changes and enhancements, while ensuring that the entire enterprise views the change as a positive one to be embraced. Welcome to iFlex, a communications program developed by Nexus working in concert with plan owner, consultant and provider to drive impact for JDI’s new benefits plan.