Nexus Communications

Orientation & Onboarding

The first 90 days of the employee experience is one of the most impactful periods when employees often determine how long they will stay. Whether your objectives are to improve cultural alignment, reduce attrition, get new hires up to full productivity faster, enhance your position as an employer of choice, enhance the customer experience, reduce conduct risk, or all of the above. The first 90 days are key to properly onboard new employees. Nexus can provide innovative solutions for pre-boarding and onboarding experiences in both digital and live formats, working in concert with your team to establish best-in-class orientation and onboarding that promises to outperform.



Let’s connect your people with purpose

Purpose and values-driven organizations, organizations that have a shared collective ambition – they all consistently outperform those who aren’t motivated by something higher. If you’re ready for a strategically executed culture transformation, then Nexus is here to help.