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Manulife had a challenge with their existing change management toolkit. It wasn’t very user friendly so it was unlikely Manulife leaders and individual contributors would ever use it. As a result, most Manulife teams would be unprepared for future change and unable to capitalize on these changes to make a positive impact, which could have a negative impact on their business at large.

The Nexus solution was comprehensive but simple for audiences to use and digest. The program consisted of: change management and team enablement toolkits, a redesigned, highly navigable homepage, quick reference cards with clever, succinct explanations of the concepts users need most with recommended actions, fun self-assessment tools that allow users to measure their readiness for change with recommended resources to help them prepare; and highly engaging and illustrative podcasts can be listened to just about anywhere, at any time. High impact videos and podcasts all make for an immersive bite-sized learning experience that is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to share.

Manulife Shift worksheet samples
Manulife Shift worksheet samples
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