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As the speed of business accelerates, driving and sustaining the right organizational behaviours and high performing employees is mission critical.  Enterprise learning is a key enabler. Too often traditional training programs are misaligned to strategic imperatives, fail to viscerally engage or foster deep learning, and critically, don’t transfer to on-the-job performance. 


Be at the Big Table
To stay competitive, today’s businesses are in a race to constantly improve.  Continuous learning is the lifeblood of innovation and needs to be tightly woven into every change initiative.

Build your Practice on Instructional Design
Instructional Design combines art, craft, and science to create  learning experiences that are employee centric, emotionally engaging, and enable mission critical capabilities.

Align With Strategy
Successful learning campaigns are tightly aligned with organizational strategy and higher-order business outcomes. Put the spotlight on problem identification and solutioning rather than order taking.

Be Agile
L&D needs to move at the speed of business.  Build, test, and iterate as you go.  Take small steps but move quickly.

Measure what is Important to the Business
Human capital solutions need to connect to the bottom-line.  Collect data that will demonstrate the connection between learning solutions and business outcomes.

Minimize Latency
We forget most of what we learn … unless we can apply it quickly.  Seek to embed learning into the flow work.  Imagine learning not as a fire hose but as drip irrigation.

Focus on Transfer Not Delivery
Ultimately the business cares about employee performance and the outcomes that matter most: customer loyalty, sales, fewer accidents.  “Bums in seats” is just a starting place. Skill transfer should be learning’s primary focus.

Engage the Mind & Heart
Recent discovers in neuroscience show humans are truly more emotional than rational.  Learning experiences need to engage the heart as much as the mind.  Connect learning to personal experiences.  Tell stories.  Make learning fun.


We help design, and produce storytelling solutions that support and drive your strategic imperatives

We build storytelling capability tools and supports for internal creators – as well as integrate storytelling content across learning initiatives
We help design effective listening ecosystems to gauge employee engagement and optimize storytelling solutions.


Case Studies + Perspectives

We transform cultures.
We reimagine the employee experience.

Let’s connect your people with purpose

Purpose and values-driven organizations, organizations that have a shared collective ambition – they all consistently outperform those who aren’t motivated by something higher. If you’re ready for a strategically executed culture transformation, then Nexus is here to help.